It's your wallet, and only you control it

With paycript wallet, there is no need to trust your funds to the banks, using bitcoin technology you will be protected at all times.

We provide a service where you can store your bitcoins in a safe and smart way, even if you don't trust us. Remember, the wallet is Yours!


The whole system is designed in a way that even if we get attacked, your funds are always protected.


Card payments are dying. Your smartphone has arrived to replace them, in a much easier and convenient way.


Make payments anywhere in the World instantly, at minimal cost. Sending money to that relative abroad just became easier!


We guarantee service access anywhere in the World, so that you can handle operations anytime, anywhere.


You can have access to your funds on any platform.

Creativity and commitment

We are a team committed on improving the way we make payments today, wait for more news!

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